Airport Transfers Terms & Conditions

By making an airport booking with [Your Company Name], you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. *Booking Confirmation:*
– All airport bookings must be confirmed and pre-booked with Radio Taxis Winchester.
– We recommend making airport bookings well in advance to ensure availability.

2. *Flight Details:*
– Customers are responsible for providing accurate and up-to-date flight details, including the flight number, date, and time of arrival or departure.
– Inaccurate or incomplete flight information may result in service delays.

3. *Waiting Time:*
– We provide a complimentary waiting time for airport pickups, starting from the actual landing time of the flight.
– Additional waiting time beyond the complimentary period will be subject to waiting time charges, as specified in our tariff.

4. *Cancellation Policy:*
– Customers must adhere to our cancellation policy for airport bookings.
– Cancellations made within a specified time frame prior to the scheduled pickup time may incur cancellation fees. Refer to our cancellation policy for details.

5. *Luggage and Passengers:*
– Customers are responsible for specifying the number of passengers and the amount of luggage when making an airport booking.
– We will provide a suitable vehicle based on the information provided; additional charges may apply for excess luggage or passengers.

6. *Change of Flight Details:*
– If your flight details change (e.g., delayed or rescheduled), please notify us before 24 hours. We will do our best to accommodate the changes.

7. *Payment:*
– Payment for airport bookings can be made in advance or at the end of the journey, as specified during the booking process.
– Accepted payment methods will be communicated to you at the time of booking.

8. *Airport Parking and Tolls:*
– Any airport parking fees, tolls, or charges incurred during the journey will be added to the final fare and paid by the customer.

9. *Compliance with Airport Regulations:*
– Customers must comply with all airport regulations and security procedures.
– We are not responsible for any delays or issues related to airport security or customs clearance.

10. *Delays and Traffic:*
– While we strive to provide punctual service, delays may occur due to traffic or unforeseen circumstances.
– Customers are encouraged to book airport pickups with ample buffer time to account for potential delays.

11. *Lost and Found:*
– We are not responsible for any items left behind in the vehicle during airport transfers.
– Customers are advised to check the vehicle for personal belongings before exiting.

12. *Customer Contact:*
– It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a reachable contact number to facilitate communication during the airport pickup.

Radio Taxis Winchester is committed to providing reliable and stress-free airport transportation services. These terms and conditions ensure a smooth and efficient airport booking process for our valued customers. Thank you for choosing us for your airport transportation needs.