Book a Ride Terms & Conditions

  • Tariff Structure:
    • Tariff 1 (6 AM – 11 PM): Applicable for bookings made between 6:00 and 23:00
    • Tariff 2 (11 PM – 6 AM): Applicable for bookings made between 23:00 and 6:00. Anytime at Bank or Public Holidays and Christmas Eve(means between 18:30 hours on 24 December to 23:59), 26 December from 6:00 & New Year Eve from 6:00
    • Tariff 3 Christmas Day or at any time until 6:00 on 26 December.
  • Right to Refuse Service: Radio Taxis Winchester reserves the right to refuse service to any customer based on certain circumstances, including but not limited to, unruly behavior or safety concerns.
  • Fare Calculation:
    • The fare displayed online during booking is an estimate and may change based on the following factors:
      • Most of our vehicles are equipped with meters, and the actual fare will be based on the meter reading at the end of the journey.
      • Fare may be affected by traffic conditions and unforeseen events.
  • Fixed Prices within Area: If the booking is for the same area (e.g., within Stanmore), the prices are fixed as per the applicable tariff.
  • Bookings from Outside Our Boundary: If the booking is from outside the boundary of our working area, the fare will be charged in two segments:
    • From our location to Point A (Customer Pickup).
    • From Point A to Point B (Drop-off).
  • Confirmation of Fare: Customers are requested to understand and acknowledge these points while making an online booking.
    • The driver will provide you with the final fare at the end of the journey.
    • If you have paid online, you may need to pay the difference if the actual fare exceeds the estimated fare.
    • If the fare was overestimated (the fare was less than the actual fare), we will refund the difference.
    • In case of any confusion regarding these terms, customers are encouraged to call or email us while making the booking for clarification.

Radio Taxis Winchester aims to provide transparent and reliable transportation services to our valued customers. These terms and conditions ensure clarity in fare calculation and booking procedures. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.